Our fleet

We use top and best foldable touristic kayaks from soviet with 2 and 3 seats. the way it goes on the river is not worse than any high-end kayaks made of carbon, however it is more stable, and you could put into kayak everything you need for an independent 2-3 weeks of travel: Sleeping bags, tent, food, water, camping tools, and your kids! 🙂

Our capacity: 230 people on Kayaks and 10 SUP.
65 people on for Rafting, white water kayaking on Raut.
165+ people on Nistru River.


We have 10 Standup Paddle boards on our Base in Vadul lui Voda.

Taimen 2

Two-seat kayak is composed of the aluminum base and is wrapped in a special PVC tent. The maximum load in the kayak could be up to 250 kg. Kayak has 85 cm in width and 5 meters long. This is the best kayak when you go for multiple days tour and take with you the tent, sleeping bag, food, and many other necessary things. Kids up to 13 years old are offered a free seat in the middle section if both parents are kayaking. The minimum age for kids traveling with us can’t be under 6 years old. Weight of kayak: 24 kg.

Taimen 3

Three-seat kayak has just another section, which makes the kayak fit for 3 travelers. Width: 95 cm, and length: 5.7 meters. This type of kayak is naturally faster than 2 seats one but has a bit less space inside for multiple days tours. Weight of kayak: 28.5 kg.