Kayaking tours is a sub branch of a Hai la Tara company, which was created to  in 2013 and has the goal to create scalable and sustainable model for incoming tourism in Moldova. Each Moldovan living in countryside usually has two houses in the garden: small and old one, where grandparents used to live, and new large house. Locals prefer to live in a smaller house, while large one is considered for guests. Our company took decision to create the infrastructure for hosting tourists based on existing resources and offer locals the possibility to earn additional money via renting their free houses.

As for today, Hai la Tara has a chain of 275 houses in 72 locations, where anyone willing could stay over night and explore the country. Experience showed, that accomodation was not enough to attract tourists to the countryside. Definitely it was not enough offers of what to do in this country.

Trying to satisfy needs for the increasing demand, we had to adapt to what tourists really wants, and continue to make something unique.

Amazingly, for today even locals do not know what this country could offer. And we are proud to be those, who pioneer in tourism offers development and offer it for you.

For 1 april 2018 our company owns 18 kayaks, 3 trailers for kayaks, over a hundred bicycles and hundreds of partners to enable you to discover Moldova and fall in love with this country as we all do.

That’s why we are focusing now on developing the unique offers, and show the country in the way we know it.



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We believe that best tours are done with your friends. We give you all the details and hints what to see and where. We are available to come to help you and evacuate if needed.


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